Painting a dog (in under 1 minute)

June 29, 2018

"...because watching me paint 
in real-time is a tiny bit boring..."


I've created a short time-lapse movie so you can see me in action! (because I haven't done one in ages!!!)


I've still not mastered filming on a sunny/cloudy/windy day(!) and apologise for the changing light!


This beautiful dog is painted by moi(!) to be added to a new range of Dotty Dog Art greeting cards. Although it's only a small portrait it still took me many hours to complete and because I don't want to bore you to tears I've upped the speed to full-speed-ahead!I I hope you like it... creating time lapse movies of my work is always a tiny bit daunting so any feedback gladly received.


"...happiness is a smiling dog..."


I used a basic desktop clamp for my phone and an app on my phone called Hyperlapse then took the clips and created the movie in iMovie - all very basic but it works!


I created the artwork on Daler Rowney 300 gsm watercolour paper - Hot Pressed (Smooth), using Winsor & Newton watercolours.





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About Kathy




I am an Oxfordshire based artist and illustrator and I've been creating Dotty Dog Art since 2013. 


I lovingly paint bespoke Dotty Dog portraits to bring you joy, memories and smiles.


With my background qualifications in art and graphic design I merge painting styles with graphic design techniques, building up shapes and tones to create a portrait that is fresh and original.


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