Drawing a dog (in under 1 minute)

November 30, 2017

"...because watching me draw 
in real-time is a tiny bit boring..."


I've created a short time-lapse movie so you can see me in action!


I've made a note not to video again on a sunny/cloudy/windy day(!) and apologise for the moments of reduced lighting as the sun went behind a big winter cloud!


The drawing is quite small as I am creating artwork for a new range of greeting card designs (which obviously don't need to be too big!) but it still took me many hours to complete and because I don't want to bore you to tears I've upped the speed to full-speed-ahead!I I hope you like it... creating time lapse movies of my work is always a tiny bit daunting so any feedback gladly received.


"...happiness starts with a wet nose
and ends with a tail..."


I used a basic desktop clamp for my phone and an app on my phone called Hyperlapse then took the clips and created the movie in iMovie - all very basic but it works!


I created the artwork on Daler Rowney 300 gsm watercolour paper - Hot Pressed (Smooth), using a selection of various graphite graded pencils.



This pencil artwork is going to be used in a new range of Greeting Cards called 'Running Dogs'.


I wanted to create a range of cards that depict just how awesome our dogs are... how they always embrace life and how they teach us about unconditional love and to live life to the max!


"...follow your heart and be more dog..."


The 'Running Dogs' range is 100% recycled, printed on Nomad Kraft 350gsm recycled board with a recycled Kraft envelope.




The 'Running Dogs' range of greeting cards will be available early 2018.
All the other ranges of Dotty Dog cards are available online here:








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I am an Oxfordshire based artist and illustrator and I've been creating Dotty Dog Art since 2013. 


I lovingly paint bespoke Dotty Dog portraits to bring you joy, memories and smiles.


With my background qualifications in art and graphic design I merge painting styles with graphic design techniques, building up shapes and tones to create a portrait that is fresh and original.


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