Dotty Dog Art - Waterstones Road Trip

May 24, 2017

"Covering the world in Dotty Dogs!!" 


So here's the thing... I LOVE painting Dotty Dog portraits (no newie there then!?!) but I want you ALL to have some Dotty love in your life too.


My role here on planet earth is to brighten up your day and to make you smile in a colourful and Dotty way with Dotty Portraits and Greeting Cards.


This is where my new 'Card-Publishers-Hat' has come in to action... so wearing my publishers hat and my big-ass-brave-boss-girl-pants I am doing everything I can to get my Dotty Dog Art cards out into the big wide world - into real shops! Embracing words such as 'marketing', 'sales' and 'self-promotion' (yukky stuff eh?)


"...I want you ALL to feel extra specially loved.."


I'm hugely passionate about this Dotty Greeting Card project, not only because I want to share the Dotty love worldwide but also because I want you ALL to feel extra specially loved too!


I am gaining a number of lovely new stockists (which makes me very happy) and I wanted to share with you my meeting with the buyers at Waterstones in Oxford earlier this month. (they're Dotty Dog Art stockists now!!! woohoo!)


"In this crazy, full-speed world that we live in

there is nothing that says that you care more

than sending a card."


I used to live and work in central Oxford and have a big love affair for this beautiful city, so after spending many years dodging the lovely tourists of Oxford, I thought it was about time that I put on my tourist hat for the day!


I have to say that being a tourist is brilliant fun! I can't recommend combining work and being a tourist for the day highly enough and I promise I didn't stop abruptly in front of anyone to take photos or wander around in the road in front of cyclists and buses! honest!!!



In this crazy, full-speed world that we live in there is nothing that says that you care more than sending a card.


Time just seems to slow down when you take time-out to pick a card, choose the right words and then post it!


So here's my promise to you, I will continue to bravely contact more and more new stockists for Dotty Dog Art cards if you agree to take time out to choose, write and send a special greeting card to someone special in your life. xxxx



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About Kathy




I am an Oxfordshire based artist and illustrator and I've been creating Dotty Dog Art since 2013. 


I lovingly paint bespoke Dotty Dog portraits to bring you joy, memories and smiles.


With my background qualifications in art and graphic design I merge painting styles with graphic design techniques, building up shapes and tones to create a portrait that is fresh and original.


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