Card Creations - it's not all painting!

January 6, 2017


I thought I'd take a minute to show you a behind the scenes tour of how I go about creating my Dotty Dog Greeting Cards... I'm fully aware that many people's vision of an artist is of a paint brush wielding, smock wearing, herbal tea drinking hippy... which isn't too far from the truth(!) but I do have to put my paint brushes down occasionally and spend time doing other "stuff"too!

"...smock wearing, herbal tea drinking hippy..."


When I've finished painting and I'm 100% happy with the dog portrait I then scan it to use as digital artwork.


With scanned artwork to work with I have the option to digitally enhance it, be that changing the colour contrast or simply tweaking it a little to make it more vibrant for the CMYK card printing process.


To create the cover artwork for the cards I firstly draw out a rough layout idea, working out where the wording will fit around the dog artwork and then I move onto the wording which I draw out using the Wacom Intuos Pro with Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is awesome and gives me the freedom to alter and change shapes and lines until my hearts content and the Wacom tablet gives me the added ability to use a pen tool to write with, which is a 'gazillion' times easier than using the mouse!


 Choosing colours, adding wording and a few hearts is the exciting part, as I get to see just how the final card will look. 


"...I'm 'nearly' as happy creating digital artwork

as I am painting..."



Once I've finished the digital artwork for the card front I save it ready to place into my card layout document in Adobe InDesign. This is where crop and registration marks are added and I pop my details onto the reverse of the card too.


Voila! All ready for my amazing printers.

And while the artwork is at the printers being printed on very lovely 100% recycled card I order their very own recycled kraft envelopes and polybags.


When I get all the cards back from the printers I get my photographing head on, not my strongest skill to be honest, but having my Lightcase #Flatlay Box really does make it a a lot easier. I can assemble the Lightcase Box in a couple of seconds and I can produce consistent, branded photos easily.

And the final step is to add them to the Dotty Dog Art shop - all ready for you lovely peeps to purchase! (thanks)

See, it's simple... and not all painting... I'm lucky to have lot's of fun all the way along the cards journey, interspersed with a cup or two of herbal tea! happy days...


Thanks for popping by... wishing you a great dotty day, love Kathy x

If you would like to see my card selection please pop over to my Shop ;-) 


If you would like to see your special dog created in shapes and dots I am always very happy to have a chat... why not pop over to my Commissions Page to see exactly what packages I provide.


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I am an Oxfordshire based artist and illustrator and I've been creating Dotty Dog Art since 2013. 


I lovingly paint bespoke Dotty Dog portraits to bring you joy, memories and smiles.


With my background qualifications in art and graphic design I merge painting styles with graphic design techniques, building up shapes and tones to create a portrait that is fresh and original.


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