The Perfect Pooch Pose

November 20, 2016


Now if you’re a dog lover like me, you probably think your pooch could out-pose any of those ‘model dogs’ in the glossy dog books and magazines... But if you are also the average amateur dog photographer (like me!) you may find that your photos never quite match the athleticism, beauty and humour of your dog!

Well that’s why I’ve written this little blog all about what I’m looking for in a photo so I can create the best Dotty portrait of your beautiful dog for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I always love seeing all your funny dog photos... especially the one’s where they have their favourite toy on their head or the one’s where they are covered from head to tail in mud and foliage or the one’s where they are in full flight, enjoying every second of life - this helps me take a little peek into their lives, personalities and characters but what I really, really need, to create a Dotty-Portrait of your dog is the ‘perfect’ head shot! (no pressure then?)

It’s a bit of a cliche but the better the photo, the better the final portrait will be too...


"Here's a great example..."

Oooh, now here's a lovely photo (of my funny dog, Freya!!! - I'm not bias honestly!)... but it is a great example of what I'm looking for.



1. A great reference photo!


- it's a close up head shot only - there is no need to see her whole body if I'm only painting her face.


- it shows her full face, including her ears! No part of her beautiful face has been cropped off.


- it is taken outdoors in good natural daylight.


- it's perfectly focused so I can clearly see her eye and nose detail.




"Here are a few 'not-so-great' photos"

(taken by yours truly!!)


1. Blurred and too dark


- this photo is out of focus and only part of Freya's beautiful face is in the frame.
If I can't see it, I can't paint it!


2. Too far in the distance


- in this photo Freya is too far away - I only need head shots to paint your Dotty portrait from.

- all the facial details and definition are lost in this photo.


3. An Action shot


- an action shot of Freya running towards the camera is not great to paint from, as again all the important eye and nose details are lost and blurred.


4. Not facing the camera!


- it's an obvious one I know but it has happened!! (this was a very easy one to take of Freya as she is always so busy on her walks and hasn't really got time to sit and look at the camera!)


"Are you 100% sure that the photo is right?"


I think it’s fair to say that if you’re not 100% sure about the photo that you are sending me, then perhaps it’s not the right photo to send...

If your dog usually has his ears flat to his head and a sad expression on his face then that’s the photo that I need to see but if it’s really out of character to see him with his ears flat to his head - don’t send me that photo! As I don’t know your dog personally I will be completely led by you and your photos as to how you want me to capture him in a Dotty portrait.

Send me only photos that capture your lovely dogs character and ones that you would happily hang on your wall and look at again and again. And before you send me those photos, double check that they don’t fall into the 4 ‘not-so-great’ examples listed above.


Thank you so much, I hope I haven't sounded too bossy!? I love seeing all your lush dog photos, I just can't paint a portrait from some of them... happy snapping Dotty peeps!


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