Take awesome photos of your dog! - Professional Dog Photographer Bridget Davey shares her top tips...


Dotty Dog Art's lovely friend Bridget from Bridget Davey Photography has very kindly spared us some time from her busy week to answer questions on how to go about taking awesome photos of our dogs.

Here at Dotty HQ I have to admit to being particularly rubbish at taking photos of my dogs. 

Dandy has a knack of looking like I've just taken his favourite toy off him as soon as I get the camera out and Freya just can't stay still long enough


I've worked closely with Bridget and have witnessed the huge lengths she goes to to capture that special photograph, she is the most awesome (and flexible!) photographer and I hope you find her top tips helpful.


1. How do you capture a dogs personality?


Get to know the dog and photograph them being a dog, being alert and having fun. Outdoors it is so easy, going out for a walk and capturing your dog chasing balls, rolling in the sand and drinking from puddles and just strolling around. Most dogs prefer these settings, where they can be themselves, instead of sitting on a table in front of a white or black wall in a studio. You will get dirty as you will lay down in the mud with the dog and you will get sloppy kisses. 


"But hey, it is the Best Job in the World." 


2. Is indoors or outside best for portrait photography?


100% outdoors. This is where your dog loves to be. You can capture your dog at home relaxing on the sofa, but they love to be outside. And you get the best shots when they are happy. Also the natural light outdoors is so much better.


3. Does bribery work?


I would say yes to 99%. I use cheese, chicken, organic dog treats, peanut butter ... basically you know your dog and if he or she is a foody, bring out the treats!! Some dogs love balls and they are the best bribery for them. 


4. Do you recommend using a zoom lens?


Yes… Great for paw shots and nose shots and eye details. The good thing, if you are working with a zoom lens, you can get close, without having your camera directly in the dogs face, which most dogs don't like. 


5. Can I take great photos on my phone camera?


Yes of course you can. Phones these days are really good for taking photos. They might struggle with running and jumping shots and also with low light photos. But if you are out and about and you don't have your camera with you, get snapping with your phone. The only thing I would not recommend is printing bigger then an A4 print from your phone. In the end it is a phone and not a DSLR Camera, so its great for fun snaps, but not for bigger prints :) 


I hope you have found this helpful - Happy Snapping Dotty-Peeps!


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