My Dotty Story - the motivation behind Dotty Dog Art

July 20, 2016


Here’s a few words about me and my Dotty world… I'm Kathy, a full-time artist & illustrator and creator of Dotty Dog Art.


I haven’t always been an artist, mainly because art wasn’t generally considered a ‘proper job’ when I was at school! I was encouraged by the careers adviser to consider learning to type! Which I have to say has been hugely useful over the years but not really my favourite thing to do!


"art wasn't generally considered a proper job"


My passion is predominantly for art, but I also have huge concern for animal kindness, especially dog welfare… I love all animals but dogs are my true love and they have played a huge part throughout my whole life, they’re such incredible animals, so sensitive, loving, perceptive and intelligent but best of all they are hilarious! My dogs make me laugh everyday!


So in my challenge to agree with my careers advisor about ‘art not being a proper job’ my career path has taken me in many different directions – graphic designer, (so I felt as though I was using my creative bones!) veterinary nursing, Guide Dogs for the Blind to name but a few… but they all had the same two factors running through them, dogs and art…

I have been lucky to enjoy all my jobs but I still wasn’t sure that I was doing what I truly wanted to do and as the timeworn proverb goes “be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead” So in 2013 my eureka moment (finally!) happened – I love dogs and art … dogs… art… dogs… art… cher-ching! Dog Art!!! Simple!!! How did it take me so long to reach that answer?


"be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead"


So in 2013 my Dotty Dog Art business was born… I feel very lucky to be able to paint commissioned portraits everyday and love, love, LOVE the fun I have as a ‘job’ and the lovely people that I meet along the way.

My enormous passion for my Dotty business will never wane as I’m so in love with creating unique, dotty portraits that make you smile and evoke a special memory. I understand and share the huge love that we all have for our furry friends and I put that love in to each and every one of my paintings.


My Dotty paintings have been commissioned and delivered world wide, including the Czech Republic, Australia, America, Canada and Thailand.


I’m certainly in no position to dish out any advice, I’m just lucky, but if someone does tell you that you can’t do something, because it isn’t suitable, just blooming well do it!!! It could be the best thing you ever do – just try not to take as long as I did!!!


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My Dotty Story - the motivation behind Dotty Dog Art

July 20, 2016

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