i'm  Kathy

I create Bespoke Dotty Dog Portraits

to bring you joy, memories and smiles

I am an artist and illustrator and I've been creating Dotty Dog Art since 2013.

I lovingly draw and paint commissioned dog portraits for awesome dog loving loonies. I'm a full time artist and illustrator based in Oxfordshire with my lovely family and our very own dotty dogs.

With my background qualifications in art and graphic design I merge painting styles with graphic design techniques, building up shapes and tones to create a portrait that is fresh and original.

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Life Before Dotty Dog Art

I haven’t always been an artist, mainly because art wasn’t generally considered a ‘proper job’ when I was at school! I was encouraged by the careers adviser to learn typing, which has been hugely useful, but is not really my favourite thing to do.

My passion is predominantly for art, but I also have a huge concern for animal kindness, especially dog welfare. I love all animals but dogs are my true love and they have played a huge part throughout my whole life, they’re such incredible animals, so sensitive, loving, perceptive and intelligent but best of all they are hilarious. My dogs make me laugh everyday.

I spent the best part of my childhood growing up on my parent’s farm, surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. But not least the stereo-typical farm dogs - a black and white Border Collie called Lad (every farm has one!) and also scruffy Jack Russell Terriers covered in compulsory straw and mud - loud, feisty and definitely given a body far too small for their huge personalities!


"Art is not a proper job"


Taking onboard the stern words of my school careers advisor, that ‘art is not a proper job’, I journeyed along a rather varied career path. I’ve worked in graphic design, veterinary nursing, and for Guide Dogs to name but a few… and they all had the same two factors running through them, dogs and art.


I have been lucky to enjoy all my jobs but I still wasn’t sure that I was doing what I truly wanted to do and as the timeworn proverb goes 'be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead'. So in 2013 my eureka moment (finally) happened – I love dogs and art … dogs… art… dogs… art… Dog Art!!! Simple!!!

How did it take me so long to reach that conclusion?


Loving my work


Graphic Design has played a huge part in my career history - I love to design, either on a computer or with a good old fashioned pen and paper, it’s very rewarding for me. I feel lucky that I can combine my passion for drawing with my graphic design skills now too.

I love the whole process of creating a commissioned Dotty portrait - my work now involves interacting with the most awesome, like-minded dog loving peeps. These people love life, are compassionate and caring and they totally restore my faith in humanity.

I love making people smile. Seeing the joy that a Dotty portrait brings is worth it’s weight in gold. I love the whole process of creating a commissioned portrait, from beginning to end, from receiving the dog photographs to framing and wrapping the final painting - all of which makes me smile too.


The Official Bio


Kathy has painted many portraits of over 50 different breeds and has a lifetime of drawing and painting experience.

Kathy studied Art and Design at Swindon School of Art and Design and went on to study Graphic Design at West Herts College where she specialised in publishing and book design.

She has over 10 years of experience in the design field, working in publishing, typography and graphic design.

Kathy studied animal Anatomy and Physiology, qualifying at NVQ level 2, which greatly adds to her understanding of the canine muscle and skeletal form.

Her portraits are regularly exhibited and she has a number of award winning portraits which have been featured on covers of magazines while also being featured in Dogs Today Magazine.

Kathy’s award winning portraits have been sold and shipped worldwide, including London, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Germany.

When Kathy's not painting she is often out running and has a large collection of medals for many crazy running feats - The Snowdon Marathon being one of her 'favourites' which she has run a number of times!!

For more information about working with Kathy click here.



You're still reading?


There's not much more to tell you... sadly there's nothing juicy to share!!!

I live with my lush husband, John and our two children Adam and Lily.

Our household is run by two unruly poodles... Freya our poodle x springer and Dandy our special rescue miniature poodle. They keep me company in the Dotty studio... sometimes sleeping, sometimes noisily play-fighting and sometimes destroying something important while I'm not looking!!!! They are super-lush and I consider myself very lucky to spend most of my days with them. 

We also have two chickens, Blackberry and Daisy who are hugely entertaining and lay us an egg every 2-3 months too (if we're lucky)!!!!

My family are my 'happy thing' - if all
my family are happy, healthy and content then I'm happy and I'm happiest when we are all together.

Other than Art and Dogs I have a MASSIVE love affair with chocolate... I did give it up for a whole month once, just to prove to myself that I could live without it if I really needed to - but it made me SO miserable... now I have chocolate back in my life every day and this makes me very happy! 

Oh and I have a teeny-tiny crush on anything VW beetle related too (but shh... don't tell anyone!) x

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